Pennsylvania DUI Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q. What is the license suspension for a DUI in Pennsylvania and what is the ARD program all about?

A. Each case is different. Upon a typical first time conviction for DUI, a driver will have his or her license suspended for twelve months. In addition, a driver who refuses to submit to a breath test will lose operating privileges for an ADDITIONAL 12 MONTHS! Be sure to look at the Implied Consent Law page.

The ARD program allows a shorter suspension of your license. The shorter suspension allowed through the ARD program, is sometimes as little as one or two months, depending on the circumstances.

Q. So why bother to look into ARD?

A. Simple. Getting through the ARD program means that you are allowed to answer "no" on job applications that ask if you have ever been convicted of a crime. (You can also safely answer "no" to any question about whether you have ever been in an ARD program - employer's don't have the right to ask this, and they don't have access to the court records - they are sealed in the office of the District Attorney)

After several years, you can go to court to get the record expunged - cleaned up completely and removed from your past. Only the District Attorney will know, and it will not come back to haunt you, unless you are subsequently arrested for DUI or another crime.


Q. I pleaded guilty a few years ago to a crime, and I paid a fine. Now I want to get my record expunged - can I do that?

A. Probably not. Expungement is typically reserved for those defendants who have competed ARD, been found not guilty, had the charges against them dropped or been granted a probation without verdict. It is not for those persons who have been found guilty or who have pleaded guilty