Pennsylvania Criminal Law / DUI / DWI
Delaware County, Chester County and Montgomery County DUI and Criminal Law

In matters of criminal law, there is nothing less at stake than your freedom and liberty.

FamilyLawyerService provides the following services:

Careful analysis of the laws under which the client has been charged in order to get charges dropped as soon as possible.

Personal representation of the client at the preliminary hearing and at all subsequent hearings up to and including trial.

Negotiation with the District Attorney to arrange a plea bargain agreement when such an agreement is in the best interests of the client.

Application to a first-time offender's program where appropriate.

Drafting and filing all legal documents such as Motions to Dismiss or Motions to Suppress as needed, and arguing those motions before the court.

Fighting for the client. Challenging facts, evidence and accusations of the Commonwealth. Zealously advocating the rights of the client in the courts of the Commonwealth.