Case Studies

Avoiding a 90 Day Jail Term: Beating a Driving While License is Suspended DUI Related Charge

A client came to the firm after he had been charged with a violation of Pennsylvania § 1543(b) - driving on a license which had been suspended for a DUI conviction. Under the law, a violation of § 1543(b) carries a mandatory 90 day jail sentence and a $1,000 fine. The client had already paid $300 in fines, and had to appear before the judge.

The client had been caught driving his vehicle just before his suspension was due to end - so the violation was small, but was a violation nonetheless.

We were worked out an agreement with the court whereby the client pleaded guilty ONLY to a violation of a minor offense - § 1501 - driving without having your license on you. The client was sentenced to pay a $304 fine and there was NO jail time involved.

Since the client had paid $300 in fines on this case earlier, he pulled four dollars out of his pocket, paid it to the court, and walked out a free man. The client and his wife were thrilled.